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SEC West Best and Worst Case Scenarios


Best Case Scenario: After surviving against Virginia Tech, the No. 4 Tide face No. 5 Ole Miss in Oxford. After showing the Rebels are not ready for primetime, Alabama takes the No. 1 spot when Florida loses to LSU. Unlike in 2008, Bama defeats the Gators in the SEC Championship Game, and the Tide win their 8th or 37th National Championship, depending on who you ask.

Worst Case Scenario: Despite a fine performance against Va Tech, Bama QB Greg McElroy struggles during the season. He will not finish his junior year healthy after a violent hit during a loss to LSU. Replays show McElroy's bama bangs had blocked his vision, and he never saw Tiger DE Rahim Alem coming around the end untouched. Bama ends the season with a loss at Auburn.


Best Case Scenario: Treading water at .500 during the first eight games, Arky enters the LSU game with a four game winning streak. The Razorbacks again stun LSU, this time after the LSU team suffers food poisoning from a bad batch of Sam's Choice deli meats. A NCAA investigation fails to prove that Wal-Mart executives purposely sold millions in spoiled food in the Baton Rouge area in order to win a football game.

Worst Case Scenario: Following a close win against Missouri State in the opener, the Razorbacks win one more game, against Eastern Michigan. Bobby Petrino is seen updating his resume on the sideline during the season ending LSU game.


Best Case Scenario: The Gene Chizik Era starts 4-0, including a win against West F'ing Virginia. After a dip midseason and a loss to Georgia, the Tigers snap the losing streak against Alabama.

Worst Case Scenario: Already with seven losses, and Bama about to deliver the eighth, Auburn fans begin chanting, "Tur-ner-Gill! Tur-ner-Gill!" Auburn officials give Chizik a vote of confidence and insist that Gill being black or married to a white woman had nothing to do with his rejection. Nope, not at all.


Best Case Scenario: While LSU has to settle with QB Jordan Jefferson, their defense carries them. In a battle of undefeateds, LSU defeats Florida 24-20, after DB Patrick Peterson returns a pick for a touchdown. LSU loses to Ole Miss, but reaches the SEC Championship Game against Georgia when the Rebels crap the bed against Mississippi State. The Tigers finish 13-1.

Worst Case Scenario: Instead of a quarterback rotation, it becomes Russian roulette. Combined with an unstable defensive backfield, the Tigers lose to Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Ole Miss. However, the real tragedy is when an enraged Auburn fan kills Mike The Tiger. Justice is swift as the murderer becomes sausage in Popeye's gumbo.


Best Case Scenario: Jevon Snead outperforms Tebow, McCoy and Bradford, as the Rebels throw every down. The Rebs stumble at home against Alabama, but reach the SEC Championship Game, where they defeat No. 1 Florida. Ole Miss plays in their first Sugar Bowl since 1970. Snead is the top pick in the NFL Draft.

Worst Case Scenario: The Rebels are as unstable as their coach, looking like conference champions in one game and junior varsity in another. Ole Miss drops terrible losses to Arkansas and at Auburn. The season ends with a loss to Mississippi State. Most Ole Miss fans are too busy in The Grove to notice any of this.

Mississippi State:

Best Case Scenario: With a bowl spot on the line, Dan Mullen leads the Bulldogs over the Rebels in the Egg Bowl. The dramatic victory and Mullen's success causes a riot. But when they realize there is nothing to destroy in Starkville, they all get in their F-150s and Silverados and drive home.

Worst Case Scenario: Not applicable. It can't get much worse than living in Starkville, Mississippi.