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When Camp Goes Too Far

Via the Orlando Sentinel, Urban Meyer has shut down camp for the day, saying;

"The objective of our camp, and this is just our opinion, you have to feel really lousy before you can feel good," Meyer said Tuesday. "We’re at that point where everybody’s feeling really lousy."

While the Sentinel wonders out loud if the Gators are feeling "too lousy to play", it should be reassuring to see this. The unspoken concern this season has been that the Gators have played in 41 games in the last three seasons, only seven less than an NFL team would have. NFL players are grown men with access to the best medical care 24 hours a day. Shands Hospital is nice and UF has good trainers, but you can't sit in an ice bucket in Turlington Hall. The recovery time is not pro level.

While not everyone has a lot of mileage on them, Tim Tebow does. As much as we want to believe the man is made of steel, Holy Water and Gatorade, he is still a college athlete being pulled in 1000 different directions. Meyer taking a day to rest his team is nothing more than a responsible decision by a smart coach.