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The Best Tebow Story You'll Ever Read

The pinnacle of American journalism, The New York Times, gives us the Tebow feature we've all wanted; a legitimate look at the man and his inspiration. Not one filled with sarcasm or whatever this is. Tim Tebow is far more complex than any of us will ever realize. It will take more than what the Times' Pete Thamel wrote, but for the space restrictions that a story about a Southern quarterback in the Paper of Record gets, Thamel does a wonderful job. I'm planning something similar for my Road To Pasadena post about Tebow next week, but Thamel has written the best prose about our beloved Timothy.

By the way, Alligator Army will be in South Tampa this weekend, stumbling along at Gator Rompin'. (Both Timmy C and Hanson have contacted me in the last 30 minutes to say how excited they are about this.) Even if you don't drink, you should attend since the proceeds go towards UF scholarships. So, drink up, be merry, but be safe. This is a big season for all of us. You don't want to spend it with DUI charges.