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Alligator Army Pick'em 2009 Prize Pack

It's not straight cash, homies, but Alligator Army will be providing some quality prizes for the winners of our regular season pick'em;


Our first prize is the USA Today College Football Encyclopedia, which is heavy enough to knock your favorite rival unconscious during a fight over the last beer in the cooler. Our second prize is a double; you can open your beer with a Florida Gators keychain from And keep it from sweating on the table with a pack of Gators coasters from Paper Kraft Coasters. Prize winners will get the items in time for the Gators eventual bowl game this season. As always, I am competing for pride, so if I finish 1st or 2nd, the next person gets the prizes.

To sign up, go here and enter group ID #14672 and password: army . The first games begin Thursday.