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Road To Pasadena: Steve Addazio

Urban Meyer will always be the puppet master, but Steve Addazio is the new man on the offensive string. Not only will the Gators have to play with a new play caller, but do it without Percy Harvin and the possible replacement at slashback Andre Debose (who will likely need surgery).

We assume since Tim Tebow is such a nice boy, that he will get along with anyone. But three years with Dan Mullen allows for a rhythm to develop, which includes something as insignificant as where Mullen was during games; in the booth. Addazio will be on the field, likely in guy's faces. Not only that, Addazio remains offensive line coach, as Tebow has a separate quarterback coach following Mullen taking both roles. It seems like everyone agrees, this will be one of the hidden dynamics that can determine how far Florida goes this season.

As for offensive changes, Meyer said Monday that you could see a more traditional offense while including Oklahoma's fast break offense. If you were in Miami for the Oklahoma game, you know how fast that offense is moving. (The Sooners ran two plays before I said, "Damnit, they really are fast.") If Florida can do that for the first two games, we might see a full blown track meet against Tennessee.