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The Playcalling Of Game Two

There has never been a time when Florida's second OOC preseason game was terrifying. In 2002, 2003 and 2008, Florida played Miami, but was favored in two of the three games (you forget UF was a field goal favorite against No. 1 Miami in 2002). Since these first two games have not been terrifying, there has been no need to crack open the playbook any further than the first few pages.

Against Troy, the Gators say they will open it up more, on both sides of the ball. While you need the team to "stretch its legs" revealing too much allows the Kiffins a look into the system for next week's game. (I don't worry about Lane Kiffin. I worry about Monte.) Compare this to Tennessee, who gets UCLA at home. I give credit to Tennessee for having the guts to schedule home-and-home with UCLA, Cal and Notre Dame (plus one-offs with Air Force and Rutgers) in the same time period that Florida's big addition to the OOC slate was three games against Miami. But with Tennessee at home against a legit team, and Lane facing a former rival from when he was USC offensive coordinator, the Vols have to do everything to win. Not only will Florida have the advantage in talent and maturity, they will have the edge in that the Vols won't know what cards the Gators are holding.

Every year, Gator fans complain that we've scheduled Troy or Southern Miss or a state commuter school (hello UCF, FAU and FIU!). But it's not concidence that Florida dominates the Tennessee series in recent years when UT is willing to play a legit team in week two and reveal their playbook, as Florida hides the good stuff.