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SEC Power Poll, Week Two


My SEC Power Poll week two ballot. Final results available at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida: I cannot tell you how excited I am for Saturday. The game will be an epic beatdown or a nail biter. There is no in between.

2. Alabama: Slow start against FIU, but still the class of the West until they start conference play next week at Arkansas.

3. LSU: I would drop them for allowing Vandy to hang around in Baton Rouge, but I still think they beat Mississippi right now.

4. Ole Miss: Next Thursday's game at South Carolina will give us a peek at how good Ole Miss is. Are they the team who defeated Florida last year or the one who lost to Vandy and South Carolina in 2008?

5. Georgia: In typical Spurrier-Georgia fashion, the Dogs almost lost and made Stephen Garcia look like Tom Brady (31-53, 313 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT). Joe Cox played better (17-24, 201, 2/1), but it was the bend-don't-break defense that won the game, forcing five field goals, rather than TDs.

6. Tennessee: The amazing thing about the UCLA-UT game was that the Vols had four turnovers but only allowed 19 points and 186 yards of offense. If they have four turnovers against the Gators, I don't see UF being limited to 19 points.

7. South Carolina: I still think they will play well in games they have no business playing well in and lose games they should win. So picking them 7th sounds about right.

8. Auburn: Defeating Miss State is no accomplishment. Beat West Virginia and we can talk.

9. Arkansas

10. Vanderbilt: Among teams with two games, the two defenses who have allowed the least points are Florida (9) and Vandy (23). Of course, all 23 came against LSU, but the average looks nice.

11. Kentucky

12. Mississippi State: They will win at least two SEC games this season. Dan Mullen is too good to have an epic crapfest of a season.