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A Return To Championship Mode

There are games where players and fans are asked to go above and beyond their abilities in order to win. These are Championship Mode games. Yes, there are times when Championship Mode is unexpectedly necessary to win (see: Moss, Jarvis). In the Meyer Era, Florida's games against Tennessee, LSU, Georgia and FSU stand out, win or lose. In the [NAME REDACTED] Era, these were merely rivalry games. But Urban's focus on these games and his 13-3 record in those games, has replaced rivalry games with Championship Mode.

What started as a joke between an ex-girlfriend and I during the championship runs of the Bucs and Lightning, became a funny thing to tell my friends when the Gators defeated UCLA for their first basketball championship. Championship Mode became legit later in 2006, when Florida destroyed the Big Three, LSU and Ohio State. Now, my friends are as insane about these games as I am; wearing the same clothes, drinking the same beer and worrying constantly about good karma and good luck for the Gators on very important days. There is a reason why Championship Mode is at the top of this blog and on the back of our Alligator Army t-shirts. Winning is important, but destroying your biggest opponents is even more so. The only way that happens is by being in Championship Mode.

Since 2006, the definition of Championship Mode has changed very little. It's still about being so focused and intense that you impact the game. It was amended to include personal moments in Championship Mode, like performing well at work or with a good looking woman. Either way, you go outside your normal boundaries of skill and you win.

Today, between 10am and 4pm, we will have six Classic Moments In Championship Mode between Tennessee and Florida. We hope you enjoy and you will be in Championship Mode this weekend in Gainesville or where ever you may be.