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Gators and Lane Kiffin Win

With Florida's 23-13 win over Tennessee, the Gators get the SEC East win they needed and the Vols get a rivalry back. Not only that, Lane Kiffin's best move, hiring Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator, worked. Florida never went down field, with Urban Meyer stating they didn't hit any "home runs" today on the radio postgame. Singles and getting men on base win games, but Florida is the New York Yankees not the Oakland A's.

Tebow's 14/19 for 115 yards, a pick and fumble will not win any games. Tennessee has a defense far better than expected. I don't think they have the athletes up and down like Florida, but their kids know the scheme. Intelligence will always cover for athleticism. Florida's defense did exactly as expected, handling Tennessee's very good backs.

By the way, this was the least satisfying Gator win of my life. I didn't think we'd cover 30, but more than 10 would have been nice. And our great Twitter protest didn't work as AT&T has zero service in Gainesville. More bars in more places my ass.