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Devil's Advocate: Lane Kiffin Knows Exactly What He Is Doing, Part 2

"It worked perfectly," Kiffin said. "It took all the pressure off the players. We played the No. 1 team in the nation with no pressure on them. ... It was all on me. We were 30-point underdogs in this place and it really helped them go out and play ball."

You may think Lane Kiffin is a bastard, but he is a magnificent bastard. He has one of the greatest defensive coaches of modern football on his staff, and he managed to avoid embarrassment against one of his biggest rivals. Of course, who knows what Saban will do to him and Spurrier might ignore his golf bag for a week to game plan for the Kiffins. But, like I said last week, the guy knows what he is doing. The SEC needs to get their punches in now while the Vols play with only 10 guys on offense.