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SEC Power Poll, Week Three


My SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida: It will take more than Monte Kiffin and the flu to knock the Gators from this spot. Besides, complacency is the worst thing that can happen to the Gators.

2. Alabama: Aside from the Va Tech win, Bama has not shown us much. Arky's offense will present a challenge, but Bama will keep the ball on the ground, rather than pitching it around.

3. Ole Miss: Same story as Bama, but no one trusts the Rebels. Win or lose Thursday night in Columbia and very few would be shocked by the outcome.

4. Auburn: What the hell are you doing here Aubie? 127 points in three games? We'll see how good that defense really is against Monte Kiffin in two weeks.

5. LSU: Jordan Jefferson just might keep the Tigers above water when they get in the meat of their schedule; Miss State Saturday, at Georgia, UF and Auburn two weeks after that. He's not a star, but he gets the ball to the right guys.

6. Tennessee's Defense: Monte Kiffin, you bastard. Now I know why you quit on the Bucs with four weeks to go after your kid got his gig in Knoxville; you spend that time scouting the Gator offense. I forgive you though. You won a Super Bowl and the Bucs will never win another with the poo-poo platter they have running the team now.

7. Georgia: Joe Cox throwing for 375 and 5TDs against Arky is the stat line of the season, so far. I still don't trust him. Let's see what he does in the Bizarre OOC Game of The Week against Arizona State.

8. Kentucky: The Wildcats are 2-0 based on defeating Miami Ohio and running back a kick against Louisville. UK was outgained, had more turnovers, more penalties, yet still won the game. They could give UF a slap in the face Saturday, but not if they have to rely on special teams and big plays like against the Cards.

9. Miss State: Let's give these guys some credit after their first SEC win. Sure it was against Vandy, but State played well against Auburn for a half, too. They'll get destroyed against LSU, but they might get a good half out of it.

10. Arkansas: Much improved, but stuck in the hard division and having to play Florida and Georgia. An easier schedule and they are guaranteed 9 wins.

11. South Carolina: Win against Ole Miss and we'll talk some more.

12. Vanderbilt: Once again in the SEC basement. But these guys will be hiring you someday, so be nice.