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Go Or No Go For Sick And Injured Gators

Florida misses Percy Harvin and Lou Murphy, but they would really be screwed if they had lost any defensive players. As it is, Brandon Spikes (Achillies), while The Major Wright, Joe Haden, Jermaine Cunningham and A.J. Jones all have had flu-like symptoms. Meyer estimates 35 guys have gotten sick, although someone sneezing probably sends them into isolation. 

All of that, plus the obvious thinking of looking forward past a huge underdog to the bye week, means that Kentucky is a huge trap game. The Wildcats destroyed Miami-OH 42-0 in their opener, with QB Mike Hartline going 18/27 for 222 yards and 2 TDs. The Cats were also 11-18 on 3rd downs and had 488 yards of offense. But in their first game against BCS competition, Louisville, the Cats looked sloppy. Kentucky nearly blew a 10-point first half lead and needed a fourth quarter shootout to win 31-27. Hartline threw the winning TD, and was 20/27 for 178 with 1 TD and 1 INT. Kentucky was outgained 378-346, had 95 yards in penalties and committed three turnovers. The Cardinals helped them out with two turnovers themselves and allowing a UK kickoff return in the first quarter.

Florida has won 23 consecutive games against UK and the law of averages says they will eventually lose. With Florida lack of health, this might be the weakest Gator team to play the Wildcats. Meyer has to decide who is able to play and remained focused on the game. Physical illness is bad enough, but we all know that some people with the flu are in another world mentally. The Gators have the luxury of the bye week coming, so maybe they can go harder than necessary. That said, they cannot allow themselves to get caught in the trap; sick, injured or healthy.