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Road To Pasadena: Timmy

Looking back, we should have never doubted that Nease quarterback Timmy Tebow would pick Florida. Yet, there he was, slowly reading a prepared statement, with his UF alum mother looking at Tebow like he was about to be disowned. After a rambling for a few minutes, Tim Tebow finally picked up a Florida hat, and the fates of our school and our football team were forever changed.

Despite the intense recruiting battle, Tebow has had to live with the whispers that he is not good enough. A man of faith, you'd figure he would be content with the knowledge that God loves him, and just coast through life. As the recent New York Times piece noted, Tebow's much publicized work in prisons and the Philippines are only a few of the acts of service Tebow has done. Tebow always believes he can do more, in football and service. What he can't do, he will teach others to do. This has spilled over into football as David Nelson and Brandon Spikes have both cited Tebow as the reason for their own development.

Looking at the final season of Tebow's college career, those of us who attended Florida or are students are attached to him as more than just our quarterback. When Tebow plays or when his service projects are publicized, we're not a party school or the 47th school in the country. We don't have to worry about budget cuts or the skyrocketing cost of living in Gainesville. All that matters is that we have the best damn college football player of the last 30 years. Another championship puts Tebow in a discussion with Red Grange, Barry Sanders, Jim Thorpe and Herschel Walker. Could you imagine a Gator (a Florida Gator!) on that list? And Tebow could have three championships. No one can match that. That means no one can match us.