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Game 1 vs. Charleston Southern: Opening Night


Albert always dresses formally for Opening Night.

The last year of Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes begins tonight. I'd like to see Tebow and the starters out of the game by the second quarter, as if this was a NFL preseason game. The most important thing is to stay healthy and get some reps for the inexperienced players. Plus, that will give plenty of time to watch John Brantley's beautiful throwing motion. Just wait til next year when Johnny's golden arm makes sorority girls drop their sundresses, it'll look so beautiful.

Anyway, stick your comments, questions or concerns about the game here. As for us, we will be holding down the fort at the Tallahassee Home Office. We thought about going to a Capital City Gator Club event, but the club, like everything in Tallahassee, sucks.