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Wednesday Ramblings

Totally ripping off The Sports Guy's shtick and going over the last week of games, but without any humor.

- Calling a drunk Hanson at the Southwest Florida Gator Club event after Sam Bradford's shoulder got rocked;

Me: I have no idea who their back up is.

Hanson: Is it Rhett Bomar?

Me: Maybe it's JC Watts.

- Willie Williams, former prized Miami recruit who once decorated the Gainesville 34th Street Hilton with a fire extinguisher, was arrested outside of Atlanta last week. Williams is long gone from Miami and his fall from five-star recruit to common criminal is a tragedy. Maybe nothing could be have been done to make Williams more mature, but colleges often let kids grow out of control. They fail to realize their athletes are still growing kids, and kids can do a lot of stupid things.

- For the FSU-BYU game next week in Provo, do you think the BYU bookstore is selling shirts that say, "Morons vs. Mormons: FSU-BYU 2009"?

- The one good thing about living in Tallahassee is to see the pain people have after the Miami game. The best was the person who said, "At least we didn't play Charleston Community College." Yes, but FSU gets 1-AA Jacksonville State this weekend, so FSU fans shouldn't bitch about scheduling their rival in the first game of the season. Maybe if they could sell out games normally instead of promoting the crap out of each one, they wouldn't have to play Labor Day night.

- While sober, Hanson brought up how excited everyone was about college football starting this year. He made the claim that we are all more excited than in previous years because the economy is still in bad shape. I think he's right, but I'd add in that we are in the most partisan atmosphere in decades. After a while, people just get sick of debates and would rather debate SEC or Big 12. Plus, rooting for your team unites people far better than if you want a public option or not.

- Like I mentioned in my SEC Power Poll ballot below, we'll know more about the Gators on September 19. That's when Urban will explore the studio space and break out the real offense.