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Final SEC Power Poll


It's been, "back to your lives, citizens," since Alabama defeated Texas. But here is my ballot for the final SEC Power Poll rankings. Final poll up at Team Speed Kills Tuesday.

1. Alabama: In Year Two, will Greg McElroy be allowed to pitch it around more often? Or do they continue to lean on Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and the best line in the SEC?

2. Florida: Florida will lose a lot next year, but they return four of their o-line starters and every running back. I think you'll see a lot of John Brantley under center and handing off to a back out of the I-formation.

3. Ole Miss: The loss of Dexter McCluster hurts far more than losing Jevon Snead. But McCluster is a senior with NFL skills. Snead has a year left and is hoping someone is seduced by his potential.

4. Auburn: On New Year's Eve, I was at a bar in South Tampa when a few Auburn fans started a fight with other Aubie fans because someone called someone's cousin a whore. After that, I knew Auburn would win the Outback Bowl.

5. LSU: After a while, Les Miles' clock management stops being funny, even for neutral observers. Also not funny; LSU was 0-4 against the final top-25.

6. Arkansas: The return of Ryan Mallett is a big deal. ESPN's Mark Schlabach has them penciled in as 16 for his 2010 Top-25.

7. Georgia: The Dogs will have a better defense this season. But who will be their quarterback? Logan Gray is the only experienced guy, but remember that UGA bent over backwards to get Tampa's Aaron Murray last season.

8. Tennessee: Lane Kiffin turned Jonathan Crompton into a good quarterback, but 4-4 in the league and a blow out loss in the bowl game leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Not to mention the NCAA snooping around.

9. Mississippi State: They were never scared of anyone and played like it. Anthony Dixon is gone, but that is not catastrophic. It's more important that Dan Mullen is staying and not replacing Urban Meyer.

10. South Carolina: Started the season 5-1 and finished 2-5. Does anyone really think that Spurrier could win a division title at South Carolina?

11. Kentucky: With Vandy, Georgia and South Carolina at home, plus the usual high school teams out of conference, Joker Phillips might get to 7 wins in his first season.

12. Vanderbilt: Aaron Rodgers' brother is going to play at Vandy next season. So there is your reason to watch Vandy next season.