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Lane Kiffin Is Scum

As a Gator, I want Tennessee to exist in a state of chaos. I love UT fans screaming at Lane Kiffin as he leaves, "You're scared of Urban Meyer, you punk!" I enjoy seeing Urban and Shelley looking at their Blackberries during the basketball game and laughing. And it makes me very happy to think that the 2010 SEC East race is between Florida and Georgia with four below average teams behind us.

As a college football fan, especially the SEC, Lane Kiffin is scum. Coaches changing posts is dirty but acceptable. What Kiffin is doing, leaving in the middle of the night and taking Daddy and his big bully, is the lowest of low. Three weeks out of National Signing Day is terrible. Screwing a school and community that embraced and trusted you, despite breaking an NCAA rule each week, is awful. I don't blame UT fans for chasing him down with pitchforks and torches.

Coaches leave schools every day, but it seems like this is especially insane. If Kiffin can go back to USC after one season, his heart was never really in it in Knoxville. That might be the only good thing for UT, in that Kiffin left after one season and no legacy, rather than after 2 or 3 years. But here's hoping the Vols hire that young, dynamic coach with SEC experience; Ron Zook.