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Alligator Army Off-Topic: Haiti

The University of Florida's immediate concerns are on campus as there is a large number of students and staff of Haitian ancestry. UF is organizing a relief mission to go to Haiti as well as on-campus counseling. Two UF faculty members have been contacted in Haiti, but two journalism grad students have not been heard from. [Update] The UF journalism students have been found

Lynn University in Boca Raton is missing five students and two teachers of a delegation working with Food For The Poor prior to the earthquake. Seven other students have been accounted for after reaching the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince. [Update] Lynn University now says four other students have made contact, with one student and two faculty members still missing.

[Update] Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler contacted UF coach Chuck Heater, who said Wondy Pierre Louis' parents are safe in Haiti. Pierre Louis grew up in Haiti.

- More than $2 million has been raised for the Red Cross' efforts via text message. To donate, text HAITI to 90999 and the $10 donation will be added to your next cell phone bill.

- Doctors Without Borders had to evacuate their facility due to the Haiti earthquake. You can donate to the Nobel Peace Prize winning group here.

- David Letterman took time Wednesday night to promote the United Nations World Food Programme. Letterman will also have the WFP's spokeswoman on next Tuesday's show, her second appearance on The Late Show. You can donate to WFP here.

- With 80% of Haiti considered to be Roman Catholics, Catholic Relief Services will be a big part of the relief efforts. You can donate to Catholic Relief Services here. (This is the international version of Catholic Charities USA, which we gave to during Hurricane Katrina. This was going to be our pick again, until the cute French girl from Arcade Fire had a different suggestion. See below.)

- One of our favorite bands, Arcade Fire, is especially close to this tragedy. Singer Regine Chassagne is of Haitian descent and performs the song "Haiti" seen below. Regene and husband/band co-founder Win Butler encourage you to donate to Partners In Health. The Boston organization's first clinic was in Haiti in 1983. You can donate to PIH here.