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Not Good Times For Wondy Pierre Louis

Geeze. From The Orlando Sentinel;

The Gainesville Police Department has an arrest warrant against Florida football player Wondy Pierre-Louis for domestic violence charges. A girlfriend contacted police Sunday morning after an alleged violent encounter with Pierre-Louis, a former Naples star who finished his last season as a Gators cornerback in 2009...Pierre-Louis faces felony counts of domestic battery by strangulation, burglary, battery, false imprisonment and hindering communication to law enforcement.

Now comes word that Wondy is still on the loose, possibly being driven around Gainesville in a white Ford Bronco. It's not helping Wondy's charge that he hasn't turned himself in, yet was able to speak on the record to the Ft. Myers News-Press. All of this following his country of Haiti getting slammed with an earthquake and his family losing their home.