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SEC Basketball Power Poll January 17-23


My SEC Basketball Power Poll ballot. Results at Ghost of Chucky, which is an Ole Miss blog. Seriously.

1. Kentucky: UK fans will cherish this season when it gets taken away from them in four years because John Calipari did something illegal. I have my fingers crossed for Ashley Judd illegally recruiting John Wall.

2. Tennessee: This team has so many weapons. With their firepower and shooting skills, they could blow teams away. (Hooray for gun references!)

3. Vanderbilt: Slowly making their case for an NCAA bid. Vandy has won eight consecutive games and is 9-0 at home.

4. Mississippi State: The worst of the 3-0 SEC teams. Total margin of victory in those games? 10 points.

5. Ole Miss: The best of the 2-2 SEC teams. Just seems like they are destined for an early SEC tournament exit.

6. South Carolina: Have fallen hard after starting 2-0. But Devan Downey is so good that his 25 points, on 7-20 field goals, against Ole Miss was seen as being shut down.

7. Florida: Erving Walker has risen to the top, but UF needs center Vernon Macklin to be a offensive force.

8. Arkansas: How different would things be if Courtney Fortson was around the entire season?

9. Alabama: JaMychal Green (15 points, 7 rebounds per game) is the brightest spot in a rebuilding season.

10. Auburn: Maybe they aren't as bad as 1-3 since they did start with a tough SEC schedule. But they didn't impress in out-of-conference either.

11. Georgia: The best of the zero win SEC teams. But there is only one other winless team, so that isn't saying much.

12. LSU: At least they still have Tasmin Mitchell.