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Why Urban Meyer's Recent Statement Means Nothing

The power of Florida Football was witnessed Saturday night when Urban Meyer's simple declaration that he would coach spring practice got the "BREAKING NEWS" red line on ESPN. If the Gators' recent recruits wasn't a large enough example of Meyer maintaining a grip on the program, here was on-the-record proof. 

The problem is that spring is a long time before August and September. Urban Meyer isn't "back" until September 4. The Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler breaks it down pretty well;

But just because Meyer spoke positively about a return doesn’t offset the already-ambiguous situation. He says he needs to make changes, but he doesn’t know what those are. He says he’s healthier, but we still don’t know the extent of what he’s recovering from other than stress, anxiety and chest pains. There’s still plenty to come of this.

It was nice to see Meyer at basketball games, especially with recruits. We know his thought process is to take off time, but as little as possible. But we don't know how his body will respond. He doesn't know either. That's why he has not given a solid answer as to if he is coaching in 2010. With each day, the probability of Meyer returning as head coach rises. There is still some doubt, however.

I have always thought that Meyer was a lunatic, just like Tim Tebow. While Tebow has played with a broken leg and broken hand, Meyer has plowed through chest pains and a brain cyst. Maybe he coaches until he is carried out in a box, but it's more likely another episode like in December will send him home. Even if Meyer if back to his fighting weight and texting recruits, one more trip to the hospital or bad test result could end his Florida career. We have to keep that in the back of our minds.