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Tebow At The Senior Bowl Day 2: Not As Terrible

As Todd McShay continues his personal vendetta against Tim Tebow, No. 15 did better than yesterday, but has plenty of room to improve. His deep balls were on target, but he was missing a lot. Tebow was also the only guy at Senior Day practice who scrambled during 7-on-7s. (That can't be good.) Tebow put only one snap on the ground, as did fellow South QB Zac Robinson. The NFL Network crew was fairly complimentary of Tebow, but you also got the sense that they were congratulating him for doing the things all the other quarterbacks have already done. It's not helping Tebow's cause that he has the worst case of strep ever. 

Riley Cooper looks good, but playing good is a different story. NFL Network's Corey Chavous (the black Todd McShay, if Todd McShay played in the NFL) actually accused Cooper of losing concentration on plays when he is jammed at the line. I don't know about that, but Cooper can get lazy, thinking his talent will make him successful, not working. Cooper also did a nice job in blocking drills, driving FSU's Patrick Robinson out of bounds. The 26 SEC guys on the South team is making this SEC vs. The World. Terrence Cody and Dexter McCluster have been the early stars, but it is saying something when Tebow is the worst performing SEC player.