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Tim Tebow Has A Posse

From Jeremy Fowler's morning post;

If you think Vinny Chase rolls with an entourage, Tebow’s posse trumps the famous HBO show. You’ve got father Bob,  brother Robby, agent Sexton and at least one member from his Athletic Resource Management team, Will Bartholomew from D1 Sports Training out of Nashville, an autograph consultant from the Palm Beach area looking to seal a deal with Tebow, UF booster Bill Heavener and son Chase, who’s shooting a documentary on Tebow. Bill owns Full Sail University, an arts and entertainment school in Winter Park.

"We’re here to support Tim," Bill Heavener said.

They are not there to support. They are there to hang on the the gravy train. Two family members, two management people, a creeper autograph guy, plus a UF booster and his kid (at least Heavener bought his access). Manny Pacquiao thinks this is excessive. I could see the family and management, but everyone else is a sycophant hoping to get in the good graces of No. 15. With all the hanger ons, including one shooting a documentary, doesn't this knock down the idea of Tebow as a humble guy? How will that go over with NFL teams?