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Tebow At The Senior Bowl Day 3: Nothing Exciting

In his second to last Senior Bowl practice, Tim Tebow had a fairly unexciting day. He fumbled, threw long balls well but struggled with pro-style passes. Tebow also received individual instruction and is trying to fix his windup. In final 11-on-11 drills, he was 0-2 and took six snaps. The NFL Network spent less of their time on Tebow than they had in the last two days. Between Tebow's less than stellar performance, scouts chatter and analysts chopping him up like a tomato, it's becoming hunting season on Tebow.

Tebow has one more day left for practice and the game on Saturday. He also has the Gators' Pro Day and NFL Combine, if he chooses. A week in Mobile won't mean much if he performs well the rest of the way.