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Scouts Rip Apart Tim Tebow

From today's Boston Globe, a collection of quotes about Tim Tebow and his NFL prospects. Which are not good right now.

"I actually don’t think he’s that hard to evaluate at all,’’ said a high-ranking college scout for an NFC team. "To me, he’s just not a very good quarterback prospect. Now, if you want to rework his mechanics, his release, try to improve his accuracy, then you see a guy with this big frame that can throw...He’s a big-time project, no doubt.’’


"With a guy like him, you can’t say he can’t do it,’’ said an AFC college scouting director. "He’s got a strong arm, he can throw a spiral. But he’s going to take time. With his mechanics, with his long delivery, he’ll have to shorten things up. He may never be a top quarterback, but you don’t know...With his type of character and the way he approaches things, you can’t put it out of the question. But it will take some time.’’


"He can’t play quarterback in the NFL, I’m convinced of it,’’ ESPN director of college scouting Todd McShay said. "From his delivery to his footwork to his accuracy, you have to absolutely strip him down and build him back up. And it’s too late.’’

So say that he doesn’t make it. Then what?

One veteran NFL personnel man said, "Then, he’s out of the league.’’

But not everyone agrees. The AFC scouting director compared him, athletically, to former Titans Pro Bowl tight end Frank Wycheck. An AFC college scout brought up ex-Tampa fullback Mike Alstott. McShay said he was "the best short-yardage runner in college football.’’

What this guy isn’t, however, is Kordell Stewart or Pat White.

"If you put him at another position, he wouldn’t be an elite athlete,’’ the AFC college scouting director said. "As a quarterback, he’s a really good athlete and strong and physical. But if you say, ‘OK, how’s he compared to the running backs out there?’ He’s not more athletic than any of the running backs out there and he’s certainly not more athletic than a lot of great tight ends.’’

Then he suggested that Tebow would be excellent on punt coverage.

Tebow on punt coverage? He won a Heisman! The jump pass! Actually, if Tebow was on punt coverage, he would be so bitter, he would try to murder people on the run back. Tebow, to his credit, is backing off his stubbornness to only play quarterback.

“If I can’t work out as a quarterback, or while I’m waiting, then yes, I would help the team any way I could,’’ he said. “[Working at other positions] is something I haven’t really thought about. I’m not going to train to be ready for that. But if I go out there, hopefully I’ll be enough of an athlete so I won’t look too dumb out there.’’

I thought it was curious how the NFL Network did not discuss Tebow as much at the end of yesterday's Senior Bowl practice. But maybe it is because they don't want to keep hyping a guy the NFL has decided is not an NFL quarterback.