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Tim Tebow At The Senior Bowl: Pass, Fail, Incomplete?

Tim Tebow was 8-12, for 50 yards in today's Senior Bowl, with Tebow's South losing 31-13 to the North. Tebow had two fumbles (one lost) and did lead his team to a first quarter field goal. His release on throws inside of five yards was quicker, an almost shot put like delivery compared to the long throw windup. Tebow also had to deal with a South offensive line that was not giving Tebow and fellow quarterbacks Jarrett Brown (West Virginia), Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State) much time.

The question now is if Tebow's time in Mobile was good, bad or will have no impact on his draft stock. The Todd McShays of the world will grab a bigger shovel to bury Tebow. (If you watched the NFL Network telecast, you heard Tennessee apologist Charles Davis claiming Tebow's inability to make guys miss when he scrambles will hurt his NFL chances. If people are complaining that Tebow runs over people, rather than around them, they already hate the kid.) The more sophisticated viewer sees Tebow making an adjustment to a quicker release and improved footwork. Tebow was also noticeably thinner and it wasn't just the Under Armour. Tebow has been sick all week, and while that can't be an excuse, this was never going to be his best work.

I will take the argument that Tebow gets an incomplete for his time in Mobile with no real change in draft status. The pros that wanted to be convinced by four practices and exhibition game were never on board any way. [The other Gator, Riley Cooper, had two catches for 36 yards today . Cooper has most definitely increased his draft stock this week.] Tebow will have to wow the crowd at Gator Pro Day and the Combine. I agree with Tebow that he only needs 1 of 32 to think he is a quarterback. But if only 1 likes him, why would they draft him if they knew no one else wanted Tebow? No. 15 needs to impress 10-15 teams to increase his odds of getting into a good situation. And he can't wait until he is drafted to rebuild his mechanics. He has three months and the chances to impress are dwindling.