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Bobby Bowden's Retirement Gift the NCAA taking away victories!

The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee has upheld the decision to penalize Florida State for academic cheating, meaning former football coach Bobby Bowden's record has been stripped of 14 victories.

The real tragedy in all of this is that nine other sports will lose victories, including a National Championship.

Although the school hasn't commented on what would be at stake, it should now have to vacate the 2007 men's outdoor track and field national championship and, in football, all seven wins from the 2007 season and, based on an analysis of documents obtained by the Times, and no more than five wins from the 2006 season.

Don't forget the value of small sports as football and basketball may pay the bills, but track and swimming also offer opportunities for a cheaper education and championships. FSU claims that they should get credit for working with the NCAA, forgetting that had FSU not asked students to cheat, they would not be in this situation. The headline will continue to be about Bobby Bowden and his victories. But don't forget about the athletes who were caught in the cross hairs and have had their academic reputations tarnished and their victories taken away.