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Don't Give Up On Matt Elam Just Yet

From Rivals via the Gainesville Sun:

Elam was all set to enroll early at FSU and even said Florida had no chance of getting back into the race. But this is Matt Elam we’re talking about. The journey is never over.

"I talked to Urban last night," Elam told Rivals. "We were talking about our relationship basically and he told me to have trust, to have trust in him and he asked me a word that really touched me. He said, ‘Do you know what faith means?’ and he told me the definition. It really touched me a lot. It really touched me so my decision might change."

Elam won't make or break Florida's recruiting class. But he's probably the best player in Florida and which ever school he decides will have that psychological win. Elam says he will make that decision during Saturday's Army All-American game. However, if Elam can be swayed by Meyer or Jimbo Fisher so easily, he needs to take more time to figure out what to do. This is a life changing decision and it should not be based on what a coach tells you about faith or the other one promising you playing time.