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Goodnight Aaron Hernandez

Today comes official word that tight end Aaron Hernandez is heading to the NFL. This had been predicted all week, so it was just a matter of time before something official came out. From Hernandez's statement;

“After much deliberation with my family and coaches, I am declaring myself eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft,” said Hernandez. “It is really special for me to take this first step toward my lifelong dream of playing in the NFL on the fourth anniversary of my father’s passing. I know he would be proud of not only me, but of my whole family, whose love and support are the only reasons I am where I am today.


“My three years at Florida provided me with the foundation I need to succeed as a player and a person. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Foley, Coach Meyer and the entire Gator coaching staff for bringing me to Florida and serving as my family away from home. They were constantly pushing me to become a better player and – more importantly – a better person. I am so grateful for their guidance and support.


“I also want to thank my teammates for their help on the field and their friendships off the field.  I was fortunate to have been a part of three great Gator teams with many great players who I know I will see at the next level. Finally, I will never forget Gator Nation. You all are the reason I wanted to come to Florida and I look forward to returning to Gainesville to cheer on future Florida teams with the best fans in the country.”

Hernandez was predicted to leave as early as the FSU game, when he celebrated a touchdown by chucking the ball into the Sunshine Seats.