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Cheer For Your SEC Cousins Tonight

I shouldn't have a dog in tonight's fight. My only connection to Alabama was driving through on I-10 and I've never been to Texas. The only reason to choose sides in the BCS Championship Game is for conference pride and SEC fans have that overflowing.

Pat Forde's piece Wednesday was correct in how the SEC has parlayed a decade of great teams into becoming the greatest and wealthiest conference. If Alabama wins Thursday night, it would give the SEC a fourth consecutive National Championship. No conference has ever won four in a row. Not to mention, the SEC would have five titles in this decade, plus Auburn's undefeated season in 2004.

An Alabama win makes Florida look a little better in that they lost to the National Champion. It also prevents Texas from pulling a Gator Slam by winning the football and basketball titles in the same year. (Texas is No. 2 and has defeated UNC and Michigan State; 2009's National Finalists.) Sure, another championship for Bama will make them more insufferable. But they are already insufferable. If you keep chanting S-E-C, S-E-C and remember to defend the Gator Slam, you'll feel better about rooting for them.