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Dolphins LB Coach Is Gators New Defensive Coordinator

From the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin:

Two days after announcing the hiring of D.J. Durkin and Stan Drayton to his staff, Meyer has hired Miami Dolphins linebackers coach George Edwards as his defensive coordinator, a source has confirmed.

Edwards, who turns 43 next week, has coached in the NFL since 1998 and does not appear to have any direct ties with Meyer. Edwards joined the Dolphins in 2005 and was the lone coach to survive the transition from Nick Saban to Cam Cameron in 2007.

This seems like a surprise to me. I assumed, and I think a lot of people assumed, Meyer would hire from within. Of course, this is just a source. No one on record. But I don't see the Post running it unless it was a legit source. However, Edwards' name has popped up on message boards, which means it's BS or true. Also of note, the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler had Chuck Heater as the top guy. Fowler and Volin are the top two Gator writers, so it's up to you on if you want to believe the current report.

Having a pro coach might provide an advantage of, "Hey kid, I can get you to the pros," but this is one where we have to wait for Meyer on the record to get a sense of this.

[Update] Now the Orlando Sentinel's Fowler picks it up, as "according to a team source." With Volin and Fowler, that is as good as confirmation until Meyer is on the record. Volin also mentioned on twitter how Edwards was a Spurrier guy, playing for him at Duke and coaching with the OBC at Florida.