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Gator Basketball At Vanderbilt

Florida better wipe off the glow of their last second win at NC State because Vanderbilt is just as good, if not better, than the Gators. UF (11-3) begins SEC play 10th in field goal percentage (.441) and dead-ass last in 3-point percentage (.293). Vanderbilt (11-3) does not have a dynamic scorer; wing Jeffrey Taylor is averaging 14.1 points per game, which is only a half point better than brick layer Kenny Boynton. Taylor is shooting .525 to Boynton's .363.

Taylor and Vandy center A.J. Ogilvy will matchup against Alex Tyus and Vernon Macklin. Tyus and Macklin have played well in spots, but Tyus is still unwilling to assert himself and Macklin can look like a big stiff. If Florida continues to shoot like a girls' middle school team, those two will have to become the scorers. Boynton and Erving Walker getting them the ball is another problem, as Billy Donovan has always told his guys to shoot out of slumps.

Either or Boynton and Walker will get Vandy's Jermaine Beal, a senior scoring 12.7ppg. For their problems on offense, Florida's guards (Ray Shipman included) are not scared to play defense. Beal has the size and experience advantage, but expect Florida to be active, as they are allowing a .277 three-point percentage, 15th in the nation.