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The Rich Get Richer: Where Florida's 2010 Recruiting Class Stands

Using Rivals rankings, players are listed by position and "stars". Eight players in italics have signed a letter of intent, 16 have not. And yes, we know these rankings are political. 

Athletes: ATH Jonathan Dowling (3 stars), ATH Travon Van (4 stars)

Offensive Backs and Receivers: QB Trey Burton (3 stars), RB Mack Brown (4 stars), TE Gerald Christian (4 stars), WR Robert Clark (3 stars), WR Quinton Dunbar (4 stars), WR Chris Dunkley (4 stars), TE Michael McFarland (3 stars), WR Solomon Patton (3 stars), 

Offensive Line: OL Ian Silberman (4 stars)

Defensive Line: DE Neiron Ball (4 stars), DE Dominique Easley (4 stars), DT Sharrif Floyd (5 stars), DT Leon Orr (4 stars), DE Ronald Powell (5 stars), DE Lynden Trail (4 stars)

Linebackers and Secondary: LB Gideon Ajagbe (3 stars), DB Demar Dorsey (4 stars), DB Matt Elam (5 stars), DB Jordan Haden (4 stars), DB Cody Riggs (4 stars), DB Joshua Shaw (4 stars), DB Jaylen Watkins (4 stars)

Reloading, not rebuilding.