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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

In the name of Robert Cade, give Andre the ball.
In the name of Robert Cade, give Andre the ball.
  • There are two talking points now in regards to how you feel about this team; the players suck or the coaches suck. We will continue with the idea that the coaches suck. The Gainesville Sun will continue with the players suck. There isn't really a right or wrong answer. The answer might be somewhere in-between. But I was happy to see the fans booing without mercy while the offense was on the field. Mediocrity will not be tolerated.
  • Florida missed Jeff Demps something fierce. Good thing they opened up the offense by including Andre Debose. What? Debose only had one carry after his kickoff return touchdown? What does Debose have to do to get in the Urban Meyer Trust Tree, return two kicks? Keep booing fans, the coaching staff apparently can't hear you.
  • ESPN's Joe Schad reported during the game that John Brantley had four cracked ribs and a broken bone in his thumb. Urban Meyer said after the game Brantley had damaged ribs and a sprained thumb. So if you were wondering what are the quickest ways to get banned on this website, they are using slurs and questioning Brantley's toughness.
  • But as tough as Brantley might be, he apparently isn't tough enough to play quarterback near the goal line. The Gators had five snaps inside the five, four had Trey Burton at QB and Jordan Reed had the other. Our play calling inside the red zone is still a Goddamn mess.
  • The Palm Beach Post talking points includes the Gators continuing problems not just with play calling, but getting the play in. There were three timeouts following first downs, not including the timeout following a holding call and 12 men in the huddle penalty. That was the drive when UF got inside the five yard line, but ended with a missed Chas Henry field goal. If you followed us on the twitter @AlligatorArmy, you would know that we hate timeouts after first downs. The old Urban Meyer would have killed Steve Addazio for not getting the play in.
  • By the way, we went the entire post without mentioning blowing a fake field goal or the defense allowing a game winning touchdown. You know why? Because the Gators offense was far worse. If it wasn't for Jelani Jenkins' interception and Ahmad Black's fumble recovery on a punt, UF would have had zero points in the first half. Not to mention Emmanuel Moody giving LSU a field goal before the end of the half with his fumble. The defense did not play well, but they didn't lose the game. 
  • Also, don't get down on the team. Unless you're a season ticket holder and want to get rid of them. I'd like to get season tickets, so the more that are available, the better it is for me.