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SEC Power Poll Week 6


It is a weird year for the SEC when Florida can lose two games in the league and still be in control of their own destiny to get to Atlanta.

Here is our attempt at a power poll. Visit Team Speed Kills Wednesday for the final tally.

1. Auburn: Was the close win at Kentucky a sign of a team on the verge of a breakdown or just immaturity? Auburn is nine points away from being 3-3. But in the 2010 SEC, they look like National Championship contenders.

2. South Carolina: Alshon Jeffery has four games of 100+ yards receiving and the fifth game was 97 yards. While we were thinking about Julio Jones and A.J. Green, Jeffrey was racking up stats. He is projected to have 1500 yards receiving this season.

3. Alabama: Bama has the defending Heisman winner and a running back who was on Sports Illustrated this season. But against South Carolina, they got only 17 carries. Apparently, Bama was the only team that didn't realize Greg McElroy is overrated.

4. LSU: If I wasn't a Gator fan, I would have been cheering hard for Les Miles Saturday. That said, UF was outplayed and outcoached for 60 minutes.

5. Arkansas: Ryan Mallett had 310 yards of passing, but it was the defense's four takeaways that won the game against Texas A&M.

6. Florida: Steve Addazio has no shame.

7. Mississippi State: Dan Mullen is going to embarrass Steve Addazio on Saturday. 

8. Georgia: In their continuing quest to compete with the Gators, the 11th Bulldog was arrested on Monday; RB Caleb King for not appearing in traffic court. Hunker down, you hairy dawgs. 

9. Vanderbilt: Unlike Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee, the Dores haven't laid down against anyone. So, they have that going for them.

10. Kentucky: Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke are the entire team. The Cats average 36 points a game but allow about 30.

11. Tennessee: What a mess.

12. Mississippi: Remember how Florida killed every team they played after their loss in 2008? Wait until you see what Alabama does, including against the Rebels.