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Steve Addazio replacement candidates

While most Gator fans are fairly confident in Florida's chances to win this weekend against Mississippi State, we cling to the hope that Steve Addazio doesn't find a new way to screw up the Gators.

No, the sky is not falling, but Addazio needs to go. To save Urban Meyer, Addazio has to be replaced by someone who makes Meyer look good. Here are our candidates.

Nate Meyer: We think Nate is 12, which means he has played hundreds of hours of Madden or EA Sports NCAA Football. That also makes him much more qualified than Addazio to be offensive coordinator. He would go for it on every 4th down, no matter the distance. Nate would also give the ball to Andre Debose and Omarius Hines every play. 12-year olds understand that the best players need to have the ball. Old, bald offensive line coaches don't. The more you think about this, the more it makes sense.

Galen Hall: The former UF head coach is the offensive coordinator at Penn State. Yes, he committed NCAA infractions at Florida, but he might have a chance to be a head coach quicker in Gainesville than at Penn State. Joe Paterno looks like he will coach until he is 100, while Meyer has already considered retirement.

Steve Spurrier Jr.: The old alums could get behind this, because they will support anything a guy named "Steve Spurrier" does. The South Carolina receivers coach has made Sidney Rice and Alshon Jeffery stars, and coached at UF during the 1996 National Championship season. Also, he would bring the passing tree, which is a concept Addazio does not understand.

Danny Wuerffel: The most successful quarterback in Gators history has more important things to worry about, but maybe he wants to take a break from rebuilding New Orleans. Plus, rebuilding the confidence of the Gators offense will be easier than the Ninth Ward.

Urban Meyer: It works for Andy Reid and Mike McCarthy. Ok, those are bad examples, but it's not like it is impossible.