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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • You know it is a trap game when none of the reporters covering the team call it a trap game.
  • Jeff Demps might play or might not play. The Orlando Sentinel does a good job of documenting the almost daily changes to Demps' status. It almost makes you wish UF did what NHL teams do and only list players with "lower-body injury" and not assign a status to them. But we really shouldn't give them any more ideas on how to be more secretive with fans and the media.
  • Florida's best freshman, Matt Elam, is also expected to be out with a concussion. 
  • Thank goodness Steve Addazio still gets a vote of confidence from Urban Meyer and John Brantley. I wouldn't want him calling weak side sweeps to Emmanuel Moody without everyone's support.
  • Dan Mullen would like to remind you that Mississippi State had chances to win last season. Like I said, good thing Addazio has a vote of confidence because his head might roll after tonight.
  • The Gainesville Sun reports that Gators QB recruit Jeff Driskel is not Tim Tebow. The bigger problem is that he isn't a tight end, either.
  • The big story this week was Chris Rainey's non-triumphant return to the Gators. The Florida Times-Union sticks with that story, as well as being critical of Meyer as a leader of men. This is like when your parents aren't mad at you, just disappointed. Better to get yelled at and grounded, instead of them thinking that you are a dumbass.
  • The Gator Basketball team had Media Day on Friday. The biggest question left unanswered is; How will the Gators replace Dan Werner's 4.6 ppg and crippling choke-jobs in the second half?