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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

Maybe Trey Burton doesn't throw because he has gloves on this throwing hand?
Maybe Trey Burton doesn't throw because he has gloves on this throwing hand?
  • That sound you heard at 11pm last night was the Tebow-only Bandwagon fans falling over themselves to get away from the Gators. The sound actually was the 21-car pile up they caused when their Toyota 4Runner with the Jesus fish and Sarah 2012 stickers cut off a line of cars on I-75. People with Jesus fish stickers on their car are terrible drivers. 
  • The Orlando Sentinel's Mike Bianchi thinks Urban Meyer could bench Steve Addazio or John Brantley. Benching Brantley is an intellectually lazy argument. Not only are you assuming that Brantley is a major problem, but that the alternative is better. Maybe Trey Burton can run the ball better than Johnny, but I think there is a reason why Burton only has two passes and they came in a blowout. To be sure, Brantley is a problem, but so is the play calling and protection schemes. When I was in school, I knew people who thought Chris Leak should have been benched for Ingle Martin or Gavin Dickey. Those people were hospitality majors or got MRS. degrees. 
  • The Gainesville Sun notes how UF was 1 for 3 in the red zone Saturday, with two drives ending with a missed field goal and a fumble. If you remember, the failures in the red zone was the biggest point of our argument against Addazio. 
  • Brantley says he and the team have Meyer's and Addazio's back. That's nice, because as I tweeted during the game, I would expect Addazio to fall on the sword by Brantley's dad stabbing him with the sword. Maybe Uncle Pennybags and the Bull Gators will make Addazio fall on the sword too. (Follow us on twitter @AlligatorArmy. We're super insightful and fun to be around!) 
  •  Pat Dooley writes the two scariest words for a SEC fan, "Hello Shreveport." He also notes UF can win out and win the SEC East. Forget taking the back door to the SEC Championship. That would be taking the trap door.
  • Dan Mullen said this was not an upset, and he was right. UF was outplayed on offense again. The defense was average to above-average. I know the defense is occasionally frustrating, but I have yet to hear someone seriously complain about Teryl Austin. But that could be because he is being compared to a mental midget.
  • The Palm Beach Post considers the possibility that UF just doesn't have the offensive talent. In the same piece, they push for Mack Brown and Frankie Hammond to get chances. This isn't the NFL. You can't trade anyone or sign free agents. That means if you can't coach the talent you have, you need to find a new gig.
  • By the way, you can probably tell we're getting defensive and firing at everyone. So I apologize to Sarah Palin supporters, people who drive foreign SUVs, intellectually lazy people, hospitality majors, Shreveport, and midgets. Not people with Jesus fish on their cars, because they really are bad drivers.