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SEC Power Poll Week 7


Here is our power poll. Visit Team Speed Kills Wednesday for the final tally. In the meantime, I'll just pat myself on the back for never picking UF higher than four in the previous polls./pats self on back, pulls bicep, out 4-6 weeks

1. Auburn: I don't get it. Auburn always beats UF and they take Black Tebow from us? What can Florida get in return, exploding dogs?

2. Alabama: Greg McElroy's Promise speech was the reason for the Tide's 13 point win over Ole Miss.

3. LSU: I'm starting to think that both Les Miles and Gene Chizik sold their soul to the devil. On Saturday, Satan will be the third man in the booth with Verne and Gary.

4. Arkansas: The Hogs have two quarterbacks when some SEC teams have none. With that in mind, Tyler Wilson will be the Hogs starter this week as Ryan Mallett goes on the trading block.

5. South Carolina: The only people who didn't think Stephen Garcia would throw a pick in the final seconds at Kentucky were Garcia and Steve Spurrier.

6. Mississippi State: Dan Mullen did not think Saturday's win over the Gators was an upset. He is right. It's not an upset when you completely dominate.

7. Georgia: Big Bad Bruce starts off 1-0, although we are hoping for the Curse of Russ.

8. Kentucky: Are they the Tampa Bay Rays of the SEC? Randall Cobb pulled a David Price and ripped the home fans for not supporting them in their defeat of South Carolina.

9. Florida: The Gators are 16th in total defense and 25th in scoring defense. See, not everything sucks in Gainesville!

10. Tennessee: The Vols will use their famous 13-man defense to defeat Bama on Saturday.

11. Ole Miss: Jeremiah Masoli was 18/40 for 110 yards against Alabama. Apparently, Masoli is Hawaiian for "Jevon Snead".

12. Vanderbilt: Vandy is proof that college football needs a running clock when a team starts losing by 21.