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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • You know it is a Championship Mode game when you wake up 30 minutes ahead of the alarm clock. 
  • The biggest news is that Caleb Sturgis will be out today and 6-8 weeks with a herniated disc in his back. This was first reported prior to the USF game, but Sturgis played through it. But between the missed field goals and kicks out of bounds, it got to be too much. Chas Henry will kick field goals and Brad Phillips will handle kickoffs. The Gainesville Sun notes that Henry is the usual holder, so UF needs someone to take his place as well.
  • The Gators are an 8-point underdog, the first time that has happened since the Gators were dogs against Oklahoma in 2008. It is the first time since the 2007 LSU game that UF is more than a touchdown dog. 
  • Your favorite Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Bianchi wore a ugly Tim Tebow jersey t-shirt (seriously, spend the money on a real jersey, folks) into Tuscaloosa's Dreamland Bar-B-Que and is picking the Gators by one.
  • The Palm Beach Post considers the possibility that a loss knocks either team out of the National Championship race. It is a legitimate discussion, but I really don't care about winning a National Championship this season. If it happens, of course I'll be happy. But I'm more concerned with winning the SEC and stopping Bama from getting back-to-back national titles.
  • The Tuscaloosa News, in a continuing quest by Tide fans to forget Alabama football between 1992 and Nick Saban's tenure, calls this "Round III". This ignores the 2005 game, a blowout at Bama that was a shock to the Gators and Urban Meyer. That played a part in the 2006 season in that the Gators finally understood what it took to win in the SEC. Maybe the players are gone from those games, but the Gators staff, including Meyer and Steve Addazio, understand the atmosphere they are about to walk into.
  • The Tuscaloosa News also predicts a 27-21 win for the Tide. They give the Gators the edge on defense, but Bama the edge on offense and coaching. I think that coaching will make a difference because I have yet to see Addazio game plan out of trouble. The Addazio plan to win is to pray to the Baby Jesus that your talent can beat their game plan.
  • Finally, don't give idiots with a video camera 15 minutes of fame. 
  • Due to some social and non-social commitments today, we won't see much football until about 3pm. Also, my friends have decided to watch the Bama game at a Tampa Gator Club event, which totally throws off my Championship Mode superstitions but it is much worse to not go with them. That said, follow us on the twitter @AlligatorArmy and be our friend on the website made popular by a new movie. If you don't follow us, know that we usually twitter about the Gators, baseball, minor league soccer and our unconditional love of Tampa and Gainesville.