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Bye Week Fun: Pick a home-and-home for the Gators

Since we can't talk about Steve Addazio or Chris Rainey forever, it's time to bring back a staple of our days of guest hosting Sports Scene on AM850; who should Florida play in a home-and-home series?

Pick out one team and the reason why the Gators should have a home-and-home. Yes, it is hard to assume that Jeremy Foley will allow the Gators to play an out-of-conference game outside of Florida, but we will. Any team is eligible, including Miami, but you have to consider three factors in your selection; national significance, historical significance, access to Gator fans for the road game. For example, a home-and-home against Nebraska would have national and historical significance. But not many Gator fans are near Lincoln, Neb.

My selection would be a home-and-home with Notre Dame. The Irish will always have national significance and the Gators have played Notre Dame only once (Sugar Bowl at the end of the 1991 season). I'm biased as a childhood Notre Dame fan, but sight of those gold helmets playing at Florida Field for a 3:30 game gives me chills. For the road trip, South Bend is close enough to Chicago to appeal to Gator fans located there. (There is also an Indianapolis Gator Club.) I don't imagine that Notre Dame has a very large visitors' ticket section, but that is something that can be negotiated to allow an equal percentage of visiting fans at each game.

Your job is to do what I did. In the comment subject line, put the team Florida plays. In the body of the comment, explain why Florida should play that team. If someone picks the same team as you, but their reasons suck or they write at a 2nd grade level, make your own post. (You can pick Notre Dame or Nebraska, by the way.) The four best reasons will be selected, published and voted on tomorrow. The winner gets respect and admiration.