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Welcome to Georgia week?

The question mark isn't a mistake. For the first time since Ron Zook lost to Mississippi State and was promptly fired but retained for the remaining games, Gator fans are not looking forward to the Georgia game.

After a few weeks this season, Georgia looked to not just be in rebuilding mode but meltdown mode. Sure, UF looked bad against Alabama, but everyone looks bad against the Tide. But the Bulldogs have won three consecutive games to take a half game lead over UF in the division. UF has lost three in a row and looks like the team in meltdown mode. As the Kiss of Death, we got Tom Rinaldi writing about the Gators like it is a Shakespearean tragedy.

The issues with the team, no matter how loudly we scream about it, are not getting solved by us. That has lead to an almost depressive mood over the season. For some, Jacksonville still means the promise of getting drunk and hoping for a win. For the rest of us, it is another chance to cover our faces.

During Urban Meyer's tenure, this is a game that sets the tone for the rest of the season (aside from 2007, of course). In 2005, the Gators ended UGA's outside chance at the National Championship. In '06 and '08, the defense dominated to set the tone on the way to Florida's championships. In the 2009 game, Tebow's four touchdowns and Spikes' eye exams were a sign of a team not ready to lose. 

That is what will happen in 2010. This game will decide if UF rolls over in the final stretch or gets themselves together. Steve Addazio is an easy mark, but Urban Meyer, John Brantley, and the offensive line all need to step their games up. Otherwise, the season is over.