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The Gators have to throw

Part of Florida's problem on offense is the complete lack of a passing game. It was demonstrated in the Alabama game when UF was losing the entire game, yet was 50/50 passing and running. You would think a team losing would want to throw the ball to score quicker, especially against a suspect secondary. But Florida couldn't or would not throw. Florida had 202 yards in the Bama game, one of three games in which UF had more than 200 yards passing (Kentucky and Miss State are the others). In those games, UF also used a 50/50 split of running and passing.

If the Gators lean on the 50/50 split Saturday against Georgia, they will lose. The Bulldogs are 12th nationally in rushing defense, but 94th in passing defense. The Gators have to figure out a way to protect John Brantley and put Carl Moore and Omarius Hines in positions where they can make a play. Moore has the best hands and Hines has the most upside. Unless Deonte Thompson finally decides to use his hands for good and not evil, he cannot be relied on as a prime target. As for hoping Chris Rainey will make a difference, expect him to fill in the injury prone backfield.  

Calling for Florida to throw the ball may seem like the easy way out in that we want to see what UF historically does, when this team maybe isn't built for that. But it's not the easy way out, it's the necessary way out. If Tennessee can throw for 260 against UGA, surely the Gators can. Yes, there is value to the 50/50 split, and most teams would like to stick with that. But not when the opponent's history dictates what you can and can't do against them. If UF decides to run as much as they pass, with a thin backfield and wasted receivers, it will be a long day in Jacksonville.