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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • You know it is a Championship Mode game when you start the notes column at 7:30 am.
  • The Georgia game is increasingly becoming a referendum on Urban Meyer's ability to hold his team and himself together. The Naples Daily News correctly puts all the problems of this season on Meyer's shoulders. No matter if you think the problem is talent, play calling or a lack of discipline, it all comes back to Meyer. He's the GM, the Head Coach and the Team President. The Miami Herald simply asks if Meyer still has it. Florida is coming off a bye week and should show that they have fixed most of the problems of this season. Even bad teams regroup and refocus during a bye week. If the Gators come out flat and continue to make the same mistakes, don't blame John Brantley, Jelani Jenkins, Steve Addazio or Teryl Austin. Blame Meyer.
  • Oh, by the way, the loser of this game is screwed
  • The Bulldogs went through the same issues Florida has when UGA lost four consecutive games. But, Mark Richt was able to right the ship. So far Meyer hasn't. This is a strange year when Richt is seen as the stronger leader.
  • Chris Rainey is back for Florida, with his teammates saying he is a changed man. 
  • When I lived in Fernandina Beach, I would yell at Georgia drivers, "Go back to your state!" when they couldn't handle the Fletcher Ave. traffic circle. So, hearing that the Bulldog fans wreck St. Simons each year does put an evil smile on my face.
  • By the way, the Gators will be wearing their Nike Pro Combat uniforms. It is not as cool as the Gators' Frankfurt Galaxy tribute in 2005. This also shows a difference between Florida and Georgia. The Bulldogs change uniforms as a motivational gimmick. The Gators do it to make money.