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Game 8: Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs; Cocktail Party


Game 8: Florida Gators (4-3, 2-3) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (4-4, 3-3)

Kickoff: 3:30pm ET

Weather: 77 degrees and clear.

Television: CBS and

Series History: 88th meeting, Georgia leads 46-39-2.

Line, O/U: Georgia -3, 48 O/U

Has there been a Florida-Georgia game in which both fanbases watched the game with their hands over their eyes? Florida fans know the only way 2010 gets worse is by losing this game and having a four game losing streak. Georgia fans know if Mark Richt cannot beat this Gators team, there isn't much hope for him to beat normal Gators teams.

As I mentioned in the notes column, Florida has to start strong. The Gators always look good after a bye week. If they don't, that is the ultimate indictment of the poor coaching that has happened this season. Not even the Pro Combat uniforms would be an acceptable excuse for losing this game. As for those secretly hoping UF does lose because it will cause a drunk Gator fan to attack Steve Addazio on the field, don't do it. Fighting Addazio on the field will only make him more of a martyr in Urban Meyer's eyes.

Follow us here or on the twitter @AlligatorArmy for more absurd ideas of how to fix UF's coaching failures. Since I am an idiot with a political science degree, I'll be involved with early voting during the first half of the game (go vote!) and not tweeting. But we will have a postgame report before we go out as a Chilean miner tonight.