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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

  • I think the best part of the Gators' 34-31 over Georgia happened during "Breakfast with the Gators." After Chas Henry makes the game-winning field goal, color commentator Nat Moore says, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mark Richt." I know Moore is an old Gator and the old Gators really hate Georgia, but this is hilarious. 
  • Redemption was spelled H-I-L-L and R-A-I-N-E-Y. Neither guy played a perfect game, but each made plays that were necessary for the Gators to win. Part of the problem this season was guys not making standout plays. Will Hill had two interceptions, to follow a season in which everything about him has been questioned. Chris Rainey had 93 yards of offense, 18 touches, a touchdown, and was great on kickoff returns. This follows him crossing the line from lovable crazy to potentially scary crazy and hopefully back to lovable crazy. You could put Henry in this too. But Hill and Rainey were two of the Lost Boys this season, while Henry has had to play a position that isn't his. 
  • Pat Dooley called this a historic win. But we can still f-it up by losing to South Carolina. I understand that this season looks pretty bad and we might be a 5-point underdog at FSU, but winning the division is a big deal. Don't discount that.
  • The Palm Beach Post talking points considers UGA wanting to move the game because Richt cannot win in Jacksonville. Or they could just fire Richt and find someone who can beat their rival. The Post also notes that UF's offense finally was ran exclusively through their best players; Trey Burton, Jeff Demps, Rainey and Omarius Hines. I don't think Steve Addazio is smart enough to out-gameplan anyone. But I would hope he is smart enough to keep putting the ball in the best players' hands. Also, Burton in the backfield is fulfilling our hope that he becomes a Chris Cooley H-back. But he should not be the one throwing a swing pass on 3rd down to set up a game winning field goal.
  • During our podcast last week, Hanson ripped me for wanting to move this game out of Jax, saying the game is a tradition. Also a tradition is crushing Georgia turnovers.
  • By the way, can UF start making the orange "STAFF" jacket with the old school UF logo Brad Culpepper wore on the sidelines? Always good to see a beloved Gator and Buccaneer. That said, TAMPAAAAA BAYYYYY!!!!!