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Florida can't have a normal season

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If prior to the LSU game, I told you that UF would be 4-1 and in control of their own destiny in the SEC East, you probably would have taken it. After all, we expected to win divisional games against Tennessee and Kentucky, while Alabama seemed like a possible loss.

Yet, here we are grumbling. Granted, at least from a fan perspective, the grumbling is legitimate. While there are UF fans who think we should compete for a national title every season, most of us understand that is impossible. But we want to see growth among the team. So far, a series of factors have conspired to prevent that.

Steve Addazio and Urban Meyer's stubbornness to run the option with undersized and slow John Brantley has gotten him bruised ribs. Jeff Demps and Mike Gillislee have bad wheels, while Emmanuel Moody gets slower with each carry. On the offensive line, everyone has knee, ankle or self-esteem injuries. Then you have Will Hill (maturity) and Chris Rainey (idiocy). 

Apparently, it's impossible for us to just have a normal 11-2 or 10-3 season where we rebuild. Maybe I'd off base asking for that, but if we can't win a title, at least we can see improvement. On offense, there is no improvement, and Florida has not eliminated the outside distractions. (Although, you could make the case that no one can eliminate those.) The only unit I have confidence is in is the defense, and that would be the case even if they lose to LSU. Between Jon Bostic, Jelani Jenkins and Matt Elam, I can see where we're going. The same is true with Ronald Powell and Sharrif Floyd

All of that said, I guess it could be worse. We could be Georgia.