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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • With Florida's loss at Alabama and LSU's struggles against Tennessee, this game is flying under the radar a bit. But that is no excuse for you, Gator fan. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. IT'S A CHAMPIONSHIP MODE GAME.
  • If you remember, Urban Meyer has a bit of a freak out after Julio Jones' 41 yard punt return, which set up a Bama score. His freak out was valid, considering Patrick Peterson runs like a real tiger and has two punt return touchdowns. Gee, wouldn't it be nice for Urban to be as concerned for other shortcomings the Gators have? 
  • I love this Gainesville Sun headline, "Gators look for offensive success against LSU". Oh, you think so doctor? Robbie Andreu writes from the UAA's pocket that John Brantley will keep running the option, and seemingly criticizes Brantley for not getting up to 245 pounds so he could run the option. (Remember, Brantley's inability to run the option is his own fault. He should have used steroids to bulk up and get faster. Meyer and Addazio are right to keep running him. Who cares if he has bad ribs? Everyone has a few extra ribs to use. Suck it up.) I can only assume Andreu writes like this because he wants Scott Carter's job.
  • Future Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel was nearly shutdown last night in Hagerty's 28-21 loss to Winter Springs. Driskel had a passing touchdown and two running touchdowns in the first half, but was shutout in the final quarters. He finished with 97 rushing and 120 passing yards as Hagerty moved to 3-2. Driskel will be one of the recruits at tonight's game.
  • I sort of mentioned this in the LSU preview, but the Tigers always find ways to win. With that in mind, note that UF has ended LSU's undefeated seasons in each of the last two years. Jarrett Lee was the losing QB in 2008, and Jordan Jefferson was the loser in 2009. UF might see both today.
  • By the way, the only acceptable rooting interest for a Gator watching the FSU-Miami game is for an asteroid strike.