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Game 6: LSU vs. Florida Gators; The scoreless wonders


Game 6: LSU Tigers (No. 12, 5-0, 3-0) vs. Florida Gators (No. 14, 4-1, 2-1)

Kickoff: 7pm ET

Weather: 78 degrees and clear. Cooler later in the evening.

Television: ESPN

Series History: 57th meeting, Florida leads 30-23-3

Line, O/U: Florida -7, 42 O/U

I was planning on being in Gainesville this weekend, but events conspired to prevent a Championship Mode weekend. That said, I am very much disappointed in not being able to be in Gainesville just for the chance to curse like a sailor at Steve Addazio.

Unless LSU has a total breakdown on defense, or Florida has the same, I cannot see anyone scoring much today. That means each team will have to create turnovers in the opposition's end, as well as play good special teams. That entire sentence was a cliché, but you got to take it one play at a time and give 110% because it's all about matchups.

Alligator Army will be in the home office. Follow us here or on the twitter @AlligatorArmy for our requests that Addazio fall on any strategically placed sword, comments about Joe Maddon being a terrible game manager and our calls for blood in the FSU-Miami game.

Update 6pm: UF is wearing orange jerseys and white pants. As much as I hate orange jerseys (we look like Miami and Tennessee; UF only wore them in the 80s) it would still be cool to see them live.