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Who gets the blame; the players or coaches?

Much of the criticism this season for Florida has been aimed at Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio. Between not being able to settle on a quarterback or No. 1 receiving option and poor play calling, there is a significant about of doubt in the team's coaching staff.

But, if John Brantley was more accurate and performed better under pressure, he would have locked up the quarterback position. But, if the offensive line blocked better and Mike Pouncey was a better center, that would have helped too. It also has not helped Florida to have Andre Debose, Jeff Demps, Mike Gillislee and Chris Rainey all miss time.

Florida's problems clearly go both ways, but to me, the failures of the coaching staff are far beyond what the players have done. UF has had enough big plays this season to demonstrate they have talent. However, I tend to side with players before coaches in any sport.

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